Hi, sweeties! We are PepperMintee Inc., a new KPOP clothing shop in the block! We design with style. Just how Yifan likes it.

PepperMintee Inc. is having its 1st giveaway as a big THANK YOU to our PepperMintee Sweeties for giving us a wonderful start! And this is also our way to say hello to the new people who might like our cute little shop!

Visit us at and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @pepperminteeinc!

What are the prizes?

GRAND PRIZE  1 Sweatshirt (of your choice) + 1 PepperMintee (of your choice) + free shipping fee

2ND PRIZE – 2 PepperMintees (of your choice) + free shipping fee

3RD PRIZE – 1 PepperMintee (of your choice) + free shipping fee

Where to choose? Check out our online clothing shop, PepperMintee Inc.!

How to join?

  • Please follow us on Tumblr @pepperminteeinc & @xiuhanempire
  • Reblog this post as much as you like! This giveaway is to promote our shop so if you have friends who are interested, please do tell them to join too!
  • If you win, we’ll have to ask for your personal information (name, address, email, etc.) so I assume you’re okay with that once you join!
  • Please don’t remove the caption!
  • Don’t use giveaway blogs, dear!

Other info?

This giveaway is open internationally. We’ll ship everywhere!

It will end on March 26, 2016, Saturday at 12AM KST in time for Xiumin’s birthday!

The winners will be chosen via a randomizer and will be messaged on Tumblr, so keep your askboxes open, dears! If the winner does not reply within 48 hours, we’ll choose another one.

We’ll provide a tracking number for the winner, as long as they promise to send us selcas while wearing their prizes when it arrives!

If you have more questions, message us! All answers will be tagged as “peppermintee giveaway” so please make sure you check the tag before asking, sweeties!

Don’t forget to tell your friends to check out our store, PepperMintee Inc.!


PepperMintee Inc.


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