hi, everyone! as i’m finally heading out to korea once again this year in april (whee~), i’ve decided that the time has come for me to hold a giveaway as an appreciation to my amazing followers who’ve been extremely loving and supportive of me and my blog!!!

this isn’t anything much or anything too extravagant since i’m currently still looking for a job so i can’t afford too many things, especially in korea, but!! to show my appreciation for my amazing followers (bless you all), this is a simple album giveaway where you can choose from the following listing of albums to receive should you win! without further ado, here are the details!


▷ One (1) album [subject to availability]:

  • EXODUS (member of your choice, K or M)
  • Love Me Right (K or M)
  • Love Me Right (Romantic Universe) (member of your choice or group)
  • Sing For You (member of your choice, K or M)
  • Baekhyun’s Dream Single
  • HYYH P1 (white or pink)
  • HYYH P2 (peach or blue)


▷ The giveaway will end on Saturday, March 26th at 2:00PM (GMT +8)!

▷ There will be one (!) winner.

▷ I would prefer if you’re an exo and/or bts fan (your blog doesn’t have to be 100% exo/bts)

▷ All albums will be sealed and will come with a photocard + poster (if still available).

  • albums are subject to availability!!
  • poster will be folded and sent out in the package instead of rolled up.
  • photocard trading is possible for LMR (K ver) and EXODUS (K ver) with myself. (however, this means i will have to unseal your album should you want to trade)

▷ The winner is required to select an alternative in case their first album choice is out of stock.

▷ I will ship worldwide.

  • If you’re under 18, please ask your parents for permission to participate in this giveaway as i will require your address.

▷ If you reblog this on a sideblog, do indicate your main in the tags or drop me a message so that I can check if you’re following me.


▷ You need to be following me since this giveaway is for my followers.

  • note: please do not follow me for the sake of this giveaway if you’re planning on unfollowing after.
  • bonus +1 entry: check out my writing blog and follow only if you’re interested in it. (please don’t follow if you’re going to unfollow after this giveaway.)

▷ You can reblog this post as many times as you want.

  • 1 reblog = 1 entry.
  • please don’t spam your followers!

▷ Likes are only for bookmarking sake and are not counted as entries.

No giveaway-blogs (if you’ve the capability to hold giveaways, you honestly don’t need me to give you any of these albums).

▷ Please do not resell any of these gifts as i’ve forked out my own savings to purchase and ship them out to you as a token of appreciation.

▷ The winners will be chosen randomly through a generator.

▷ The winner will be given 48 hours to reply once contacted. Otherwise I will pick another winner. 

tl;dr: this giveaway is for my followers and you get to choose an album from above (subject to availability). this ends on 26th March, 8pm GMT+8.

alrightyyyy~ that should be all but do feel free to drop me a message with any questions you might have! i’ll be tagging all updates and asks related to the giveaway with ‘fel’s giveaway’ so do check that tag for any updates and answers.



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