girls who feel especially pressured and uncomfortable about compulsory heterosexuality are the ones you’re most likely gonna hear say things like “my standards are just so high for men so I haven’t found anyone haha!”, and most likely gonna be the ones who put their focus on unattainable men…aka musicians/celebrities/characters in books, tv, and movies, so they can tell the world “of course they love men!” while keeping a safe distance from any actual romantic interactions with them.

a lot of these girls are the wlw we know and love today. support these girls.




i hate the damn poke extension its ruined my life and made me compelled to waste seconds clicking ugly ass pokemon no one even wants id delete it but i have to catch them all i just hope my entire life doesnt fall to shambles before that happens

Poke extension?

yeah if u have xkit there’s an extension called “pokes” that puts pokemon on ur dash

Gets on laptop and quickly places it on