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I never knew you were supposed to tip tattoo artists, hair stylists, nail techs, etc. I thought it was only bartenders, wait staff, hotel cleaners and movers. I’ve been going my whole life not tipping the people that make me pretty they probably calling me all types of motherfuckas I owe them so money over the years

No offense but how’d you not know that ?

I mean when you grow up poor your parents don’t exactly have money to spend on cosmetic stuff so you don’t have a chance to learn these things. anymore questions or are you ready to return to ya high horse?

I feel you but growing up with a hairstylist grandma, i began to notice how people tip her so whenever I go somewhere that isn’t her work place go get my hair done- I tip at least 2 or 5 dollars depending how you like the job done. My grandma told me that so that’s a tip to you 🙂