1. Prioritize

  • What does your school schedule look like/when do you have class?
  • How much time do you need to study?                                      
  • What subject do you need the most time for?  
  • How long does it take you to get ready in the morning/for bed in the evening?
  • When do you meet with friends?
  • How long does the way from school/college take?
  • How much freetime do you want to have?
  • How many breaks between studying?
  • How much time do your hobbies take away?
  • Etc.

 Count the hours/minutes you need for everything you do – but always plan some buffer time! Then write down on what day you do what so that you have a roughly overview to put in every column.


  • Monday:   Piano lessons (one hour) , History class (two hours), morning routine (30 min.), dinner (one hour)…                               
  • Tuesday:   Meeting with friends  (three hours), Tumblr (one hour), Workout (30 min.)..                                                                
  • Wednesday:   Englisch class (three hours)…

2. Make your Plan

You can use a program, an app, a printable sheet, a calender.. Whatever you want! I always find it helpful to colour-cordinate everything.


  • Green – Study Time
  • Yellow – Class
  • Blue – Family Time
  • Red – Hobbys
  • Pink – Free Time

 Printables + Useful programs

3. Stick to your Plan

  • write your goals right next to your plan
  • Take enough breaks – not only when you are studying (don´t stress yourself!)
  • Change your plan if you realize that you don´t like something
  • If you realize that a plan isn´t right for you, then that´s ok. It     doesn´t work for everyone
  • Take enough time to do the things you love
  • Be realistic
  • Find out when it´s the best time for you to study, do a workout etc.
  • Change Things up – don´t work on math for three hours and then on chemistry for two… you will get bored fast (if you don´t love to do these things)

Pictures of Plans

I hope this is helpful! If you have a question just message me here. Request a post here.


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