what the signs secretly want


Aries: to not put so much pressure on themselves

Taurus: to not be so sensitive to peoples words sometimes

Gemini: to never be seen like the moody person they are

Cancer: to trust easily, to let go of insecurities

Leo: to be genuinely loved and needed for who they are

Virgo: to be choked, slapped, tied during sex

Libra: to do everything theyre not supposed to or were told they cant do

Scorpio: to change the world somehow forever

Sagittarius: to never have to deal with selfish and careless people

Capricorn: to be romanced, pampered, and fed from time to time

Aquarius: to marry their bestfriend

Pisces: to delve more into art, mystery, creative expression & to find a muse



a few tips for first-year college students:


  • if you don’t have air conditioning, you want a fan. you can get a box fan at Target for $20 and stick it in your window. if you don’t want to go all-in on that yet, get a clip-on fan that you can stick on your desk or your bed and aim directly at your face. 
  • in case nobody has told you yet, you need to wear flip flips in the shower
  • if you’re going to be storing stuff over the summer, keep all the boxes that things come in. a lot of times you can flatten them and shove them away pretty easily. now your string lights have their own box when you’re moving into a storage unit and your actual box space is freed up. last year I stored my sheets in the box my snow boots came in. boxes.
  • you can totally survive without a refrigerator and a microwave. I’ve done it. but they’re really fucking nice to have. (same goes for fans.) if you don’t have a microwave or fridge, find a friend whose fridge you can put leftovers in the one night you go out or get takeout and a building with a microwave students can use.
  • if you’re ordering your bedding online and having it shipped directly to college, go feel the stuff in the store first. related: buy cotton sheets. microfiber is gross. you’ll need a lighter summer pair if you get flannel.
  • travel bottles for shampoo and conditioner can be found at places like Target and Bed Bath and Beyond and then if you buy shampoo in bulk (I get liter containers), you don’t have to carry the whole thing with you. oh also don’t bet on having a place to hang a shower caddy–get one you can put on the ground without it grossing you out, and expect everything in the shower caddy to get wet (bar soaps are p much out).


  • figure out when you do your best work and when you do best in class and work your schedule around that, whether that means never taking a class before 11am or making sure to take a 10am class so that you’re up and moving for the rest of the day. late classes (after 5pm) can conflict with club/event things, so try not to have one every night of the week. anyone who tells you “never take a class at x time” is full of shit.
  • don’t be afraid to ask for an extension on a paper. for a lot of professors, if you get your work done and you’re a generally good student, you don’t need to have a Capital-R Reason beyond just “my paper will be better if I can have an extra 24 hours.”
  • any time you can do a reading early, do it early. just make sure to look over your notes before class.
  • everyone always says this, but seriously, participate in class. answer questions. ask questions. if you’ve got really bad anxiety about participating in a class (like I did with Greek history), write down some questions and go into office hours to talk to the prof one-on-one so that they know you’re engaged. 
  • when I am writing papers, I take one entire day for just that paper, no other assignments (other than readings): therefore it is important for me to schedule my time so that I have that day, which might mean writing an essay a week early. block out time for big assignments well in advance, whether you plan your paper in one day and write in one day like I do (not recommended) or plan one evening and write a paragraph per day.
  • take notes by hand????? unless you have a medical reason to use a laptop and that is necessarily How You Take Notes, taking notes by hand is the way to go. you can’t get distracted by other tabs, you remember things better when you write them out, and a bunch of profs won’t let you use a laptop in class without a medical accommodation anyway. 
  • if you’re not printing the reading and annotating it, take notes on the reading by hand in a notebook. (my #1 way to take notes on readings is to annotate the reading while I read it, and then transfer my annotations to modified Cornell-style notes afterwards) 
  • use whatever organizational style makes you the most happy and stress-free. I use Rhodia side-stapled notebooks for notes, yellow legal pads for things to hand in, and two expanding files, one for carrying and one for dorm. some people use binders (get a three hole punch if you do). some people use folders. your prof gives 0 shits about what you use.
  • bullet journals are cool and I want one.



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